Saturday, January 7, 2012


The Ansuz stave is a very divine rune that makes me feel a connection with the other world that I have long lost touch with.  When we did the meditation on this stave I felt that connection from my crown to the cosmos.  I remember seeing myself  annointing my forehead with this stave like I used to do daily with the pentacle.  A practice I stopped early last year.  I see this stave as a connection of speaking one's truth while hearing the voice of "god".  I also see this as a sign to be silent and listen.

I really did not get much out of this stave by putting in on my palms before sleeping.  When I really felt a connection to it is when I was looking for a symbol of Odin to put on my drawing of Ansuz, and came across the story of his steed Seipner.  The way he can travel between the worlds, that is when I realized the signifigance of this rune, that reminder to walk between the worlds everyday, never forgetting the connection of both, that they are one. 

I don't have as much to write about this stave, the message was clear.

God:  Odin  (some say Loki if reversed, but I don't see that)
Stone: Emerald (though that doesn't seem right to me, this is more like a blue topaz or Lapis Lazuri)
Tree: Ash
Element: Air, Fire, Water
Color: Dark Blue

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